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Hi John,I remember when my dad died, every ‘first’ was so hard. The first Christmas after, his first birthday after, my first birthday after.. Someone said to me once that if u go to a wedding the only person who is genuinely interested in what u ate at the dinner, whether u skipped dessert, whether u thought the cake was dry etc is your mum. It’s a huge loss John, but your mum has also prepared you for this in her own way.. You ability to cope is thanks to her. It may not seem like it to you but you are coping on. It’s one of the most difficult times if your life and you are making plans, thinking ahead and dragging yourself to that computer to do some work. It’s cliched but your mum would be relieved that u are coping!!
Hang in there. Stay away from the addictive behaviours ( like I have a cheek to say that to anyone) get your money together and plan that trip !! build those great memories for your son to look back on! U are doing really well John. Just hang in there! If u must look back remember the horror and panic of the realisation your money is a gone! Remember things which wl keep you clean. The rest let it go…,