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Hi Johnny

Well done on recognising that you have a problem and on reaching out for help. I’m afraid I know very little about trading but I guess gambling is gambling and the urge to go back for more is similar .

I think barriers on your internet devices would give you a little freedom Johnny . I think gambling blockers also work for trading. I use gamban but you could do some research and find which most suits your needs.

Could you put that 50k into an account which you cannot access without perhaps a months notice ? They would take away the automatic gambling where we don’t stop to think. If out could think of the 80k as a loss on an investment – it could have been a business or a house – in your case it happened to be the stock market, perhaps this would make it easier to let the loss go. The idea of winning back losses has brought many a gambler to rock bottom.

I hope some of this helps – there are others on here who are more familiar with trading and I’m sure they will be glad to give you advice.

Perhaps you could speak to someone on the online help or join one of the groups for lore support.

The important thing to remember is that everyone can stop gambling. Hope to read another post from you soon .