Hi Julie and everyone else

We are all in the same boat, it really is as if we are fighting a beast.

We had a huge argument today, and I’m still reeling from it.
After the intervention he told me in private he had pawned his phone, and used the money to gamble.
He asked me to help him get it back, I agreed until I have read about being a enabler. I then decided to tell him today that I can’t do it as u haven’t got the money, he went crazy.

Immediately asked for his bank cards back, and said I am a liar as I promised to help.

He kept saying I knew you would do this. I am at a all time low, and really can’t deal with this anymore.

It’s as if what we have means nothing, he agreed not to have a smart phone with internet and no bank cards, and he blatantly told me today that he will get his phone back and quite frankly said you can’t ban me from the net for the rest of my life. I will get my phone and use it as I am a adult.

I said are you aware your breaking the rules, and he said well I’m a grown man and these rules are ridiculous.

I reminded him that these are things he agreed to in front of the family during the intervention. He calmly walked away.

It’s as if there really is two different people the gambler, and then him, he had no care in the world. And I said I’ve had it, I know i said no more ultimatums. But I can’t deal with this anymore, how can anyone live like this. The intimidation, fear of money being spent, the lies ….

I was in shock when he said he pawned his phone this is so out of character…..

I’m going to ask him to leave, he has gone out to calm down….