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Hi K
I just read through your entire thread and I felt it could have been me writing . I used to go through such emotions but in recent years I feel less – I think my emotions have been flattened or maybe I care less.

It occurs to me that once your father-in-law’s house has been settled your husband and you will need to see your in-laws less often. You are absolutely right – the only person who matters in that family is your husband . My in-laws were pretty horrific – but eventually they learned that they just weren’t that important in our lives and it changed their behaviour. You cannot be responsible for them . Your situation brings to mind the story of Cinderella – and guess what – you got the prince!

You husband seems to be really supportive of you and your recovery. Try to change your thoughts every time your in laws intrude on your happiness. They don’t deserve your headspace.

Hope this post helps