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Hi Kathryn, I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you. I know you will be able to put this blip behind you. Perhaps this is what you needed to get your recovery back on track. Even if you were not gambling, maybe there were things you were not tending to. Like you! Have you been ignoring your own needs and desires? I know in my own life, I need to focus on making changes and taking responsibility for creating a new direction. Trying to pay attention to what it is I really want at this time in my life. When I am gambling I don’t have to focus on those hard questions and it slows down change. Even when I am not gambling, the strain and attention I give to trying not to gamble distracts me from figuring out what it is I could be doing to move my life forward and open myself up to change. You may not relate to this at all. Just sharing some thoughts. Take care and keep posting.