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Hi Kevrum
Congratulations on being accepted on to the Dudley project. It’s been 11 years since I was in the Dudley project and much has changed. But I’ll tell you what I can.
The project is 3 houses of 3 people making a maximum of 9 residents around a shared outside communal area. It’s completely different set up to Beckenham.
I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you about the programme. it’s changed since I’ve left
What I can say is many of the Therapists and management have been in the project for over 10 years offering a huge amount of experience
Kevin this is a short reply and in all honesty trying to explain about what happens is so hard. Trust the programme and go in with an open mind and a solid commitment to yourself. You’ve 14 weeks to cover a huge amount of work and acceptance don’t waste a second
Hopefully after 14 weeks were see you back here possibly supporting others
Kind Regards