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Hi Kia
20 years is long enough isn’t it? You have it within you to succeed – a wonderful gamble-free future beckons, for you to live your life as the person you want to be, and you now have the support of everybody on this site.
The hole will certainly need filling with all the things you have mentioned but also with other things such as hobbies, interests, friends and family, things that have been overlooked. What hobbies and interests did you have before you went to Canada? Talk to friends and family about non-gambling things there is a lot of good things in life to talk about.
I wouldn’t be here Kia if I didn’t know that the addiction to gamble can be controlled and fantastic lives lived as a result.
Your family and friends will be unsure for quite some time so please allow them some leeway if they don’t believe in you straight away. It is actions that those who love CGs want to see, words are often too easy.
Keep posting, use our Helpline and our CG groups. Maybe you could find a local GA group to support you physically as well as using us here. Take all the support you can.
I wish you well. I am a facilitator for Friends and Family but I will watch your progress and be willing you on every step of the way.
Take just one day at a time, nobody can do more.