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Hi Kin,

Your self discipline is commendable and motivating, well done for losing that 8kg.

It is the month of Ramadan right now and my husband is fasting too. It’ll last a whole month. He eats and drinks nothing from around midnight to around 8.40 pm. The fast gets longer and longer as the month progresses.

He feels amazing. Like you, he is an eater. I would say he’s actually obsessed with food and so his fasting brings me great relief to know that he can step back from it all and take care of his body (and mind).

I am in my ninth month of pregnancy so can’t fast but I will fast in December this year, to make up for the month I missed. The days are shorter so it will make life easier for me as a mum of two.

When you fast Kin do you allow yourself to eat and drink? Are there particular foods you eat when you break your fast that help you with your weight loss? It’s so easy to gorge on the wrong kinds of foods when you’ve been fasting all day. My husband kind of mixes his meal with healthy and some not so healthy  (fried things) I guess that’s his whole days hunger influencing that choice. I do wish he eliminates the fried stuff soon, as it undoes some of the hard work he’s put in.

Your reflection on your life and health is really a wonderful way to improve things. 

Please keep posting and telling us about your journey 

Much respect