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Hi Kpat, sounds like a super day out !!
I admire your energy.
I seem to spend all my non working time lying in my bed or on the sofa in front of the tv..
I cant even think of anything to do ..
I used to have such a busy life ..

I think boys will be boys Kpat..they will make mistakes..
And all too soon they will be grown up And wonder why they were so silly. I don’t really believe in firm punishments .
My child did something once (I can’t even remember what now ..)and I told my mum I had lost my trust in him.
She said I was to regain it immediately as she could have lost her trust in me many times but didn’t!! She said if kids had it all Sussed then there would’ve no need for parents!! Even the best of us makes mistakes…
I thought it was wise..
Hope u are having a lovely day.