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Hi Kpat, thank you for sharing about tithing. I have always wondered about this . I give a paltry amount to my church every week- nowhere near $100..
I think it shows a lack of trust in God that I don’t tithe.. It’s not something that has ever been asked for in the Catholics church , but I’m not sure I think like a catholic anyway .

God has sustained me when really I didn’t deserve it . Tithing seems such a huge amount to give away and yet is less than we would gamble in a night .
I find myself trying to understand the benefits of tithing. I think the biggest one is you are really trusting in God -actions speak louder than words.

Kpat, it fills me with joy to read how your life has Come together! The fab son singing to you, the amazing day spent on the boat , your lovely husband who is so supportive of you, the daughter who wants to spend the day with her family!! You have it all!!