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Hi Kpat, well done on resisting those urges. I love your list.I am guilty of a lot of the things on there. I have just been kinda writing my thoughts on stuff. It wasn’t meant to be a “get at those who smoke ” post … More like a “trying to make me feel a little less like the worse person in the world “post.

I am finding recovery incredibly hard. At times I wonder was it easier to gamble ? I feel afraid and hurt so much of the time and I think my recovery is real this time because my mindset has changed so much in how I view things.. But I miss the escape. Maybe I will tackle your list one by one on my thread ..

I am really pleased you are doing so well. You are such a good person . Have you any thoughts on why we got caught up in this addiction?

Yes. God has forgiven us out mistakes and it is by God’s grace we are free from this madness