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Hi Kstep,

It’s great to hear that you are reliefed now that everything has been told. What you should be really greatful for is your loving wife and daughter being by your side. I’m sure they will be one of your main motivations for staying gamble free (aswell as doing it for yourself, obviously). The gambling addict’s cycle is horrid, I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy. It hurts me to even think how I used to live in the situation I did, but that’s a long story which I’m sure many of you could relate to anyway.

I bet you can’t believe how quick those weeks have gone by. They’ve certainly gone quickly for me… Keep up the hard work! Be OCD in saving money, loving, caring, working, keeping fit. Be OCD in positive aspects of your life, not in gambling.

We will learn to appreciate sport for what it is, just like we used to – that will come with time. For now, me personally, I am avoiding most sport as I know it will only trigger old feelings and it’s a gateway to gambling hell. I don’t want to go back there, and I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of sport (temporarily) for that freedom of not gambling.

I fortunately will be at home then! Unlucky for some hey! I’m not sure how easily it will be for you to watch it, I can always tell you about it when I’m there (although that’s never as good as the real thing). I think your priorities are getting in GM and sorting yourself out – there will be plenty more fights to watch in the future, but there wont be plenty more opportunities like the one GM have offered you.

I’m glad I’ve managed to help you, even if it be a little bit. Everyone on here has helped me, and the least I can do is put a bit back in.

Definitely up for keeping fit and doing sport whilst I’m back – don’t worry about that. With regards to the phone calls, we’re all in the same boat, and family will understand. They’re doing it for our own good – it’s all for the best.

This week has been another fabulous week at the gamble free office – salary used to pay off debts, and NO MORE DEBTS CREATED! If that’s not killing 2 birds with one stone then I don’t know what it.

Stay safe mate, stay gamble free, and good luck with starting GM. You can do this.