Thanks for thinking of me!

As you know Velvet being the mom of a CG has it’s own set of dynamics. We are used to “helping” and “fixing” the problems of our kids. Problem was that I didn’t realize that my son had become a young man. I didn’t to realize that he had grown up and all my wonderful advice and help was actually hurting him and frustrating the h**l out of me as time and time again it was ignored.
We have been on this rollercoaster for going on 9 years. My son has been going to GA for going on 2 years. Though he has had multiple relapses I truly do feel he is making progress. He is happier and more honest. As long as he continues to make progress and accept responsibility for his addiction my husband and I continue to support him.
I am so proud of his efforts… its not easy and would not wish it on anybody.
Being here is like going to GA for the addict… it helps keep me grounded. It’s so much easier to see things more clearly when looking at others’ situations. I get a better perspective.
I agree with you Vera we mom’s(as I know you know) are easily manipulated by are little babies- and particularly sons. I have had the wool pulled over my eyes more times than a care to admit. We no longer give him $$ for anything. I am lucky as I have a great Gam Anon group (albeit most members are spouses) that gives wonderful support. They are all just a text or call away when I am doubting myself- which thankfully is getting less.

It’s not easy on either side of the fence but knowing there are people nearby and on the other side of the world that support and “get” you makes all the difference in the world.