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Hi Laura , it was good to catch up in chat. I also have that paranoia about being recognised so I never write too specifically. Today Iwoke up happy – In the past I wrote often about my jungle garden.

Earlier this year I was able to pay a man to do a few heavy jobs and remove some junk. In recent weeks we have been able to buy some electric machinery which will keep the garden tidy .

Yesterday my family were able to enjoy my actually quite beautiful garden- sure it needs a lot of work but it is quite large and secluded. The fact is has been a little wild in recent years means it is a hive of activity – a plethora of birds singing and feeding- how can sitting in the city feel like the middle of the country ?

I also have always had difficulty in knowing where to start in the garden but I seem to be able to make decisions at last – I am going to start with a nice BBQ area – after I fix the rotting deck ! I have discovered an unused area of the garden which has been cleared is the perfect area for Dining – it seems to catch the sun all day .

I realise I am going on a little – but this is quite a huge change for me-

I . My brain is clear enough to plan and prioritise

2. My brain is clear enough to care about the garden

3. I have a little money to spend on the garden

4, I am relaxed enough to enjoy the garden.

5. I am seeing the benefits of not gambling in one of the best nights my family has ever had – spent simply in our own back garden .

6. I feel content and happy and I have normal things to look forward  to !

Have to go – I’m off to price paving stones !!

Onwards and upwards !