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Hi Lauren! Your story sound a lot like mine. Well I guess we ALL have one thing in common , gambling has caused chaos in all of our lives one way or the other. I have not gambled so far this year and I pray daily that God helps me through another day. I believe that after hundreds of relapses over the years, that I finally felt defeated and powerless to my addiction. I begged God to step in. He did, because I really do not have the desire anymore. A thought here and there BUT I give them to God or with my history I will be back on the fast track in no time. I just don’t want to live like that anymore. I love the story you heard at church. Just like the alcoholic we can not stop after just a few spins,hands,bets whatever our choice might be. Gambling is poison to us. The gambling hangovers are the worst. I never want to experience another one. So for me it’s simple, I just won’t drink the poison anymore and I understand that at times my desire may or may not be strong and I can not do it without Gods help. I do not know for certain that I will never gamble again BUT I do know I will not today., I am really glad you are here. Keep coming back especially when the storm settles. It will, it always does. Lean on to God with everything you have and he will break the chains and you will get you through this. I will be praying for you.