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Hi Leedslad,
I have read that one of the reasons AA and similar organisations are not so successful anymore is that most groups out their own spin on things rather than following the original format – I hated that they called everyone’s name and when they came to yours you felt obliged to speak – the whole meeting was lost to me as I was worried about speaking.

You are in an extremely fortunate position and I wish I could go back and stop when I still had the capacity to make any withdrawal. This disease will only get worse so do everything you can to arrest it now – if you are having wins like £5k then you know you are gambling high stakes .

It is great that you are in a position where you are stopped and financially ok. The addiction gets to us like that – many’s a person who lost thousands chasing their first tenner !

Let the 1100 go – you are in a most fortunate situation .
And well done on recognising that you have a problem before things got worse !