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Hi less! I know what you feel right now, because I’m at the same situation now, maybe worse than you, I started gambling back in high school, so far there’s already 6 years Im a compulsive gambler, and I wanna share a little bit of my story, I became a liar in the eyes of my family because I lost thousand and thounsand of dollars among these years, I could have a really good college life because my family supported me but I ruined it, instead I use all the college fund on gambling, last year my mother died with cancer, at her last moment she drag a girl that she likes veryu much, who is my wife right now, and of course, she was hoping me to quit gblimg and become a better person withy wife. But now, I mean today, I just lost a big amount that I can’t afford from my wife Andy dad’s savings on college football, in fact, that money my dad gave me for another purposebut now I don’t even know how to talk to him. Also my wife, she gave me that money that is supposed to send to her parents, a couple months ago she already found me I was gambling and that time I really hurt her, and she gave her words that if she found me back on gambling again she would leave me forever… Right now I really want to talk to somebody that understand my feelings, so i came Bk to this forum( I already inscribed back to 2012 but you know, compulsive gambler used to hate this kind of forums until their life choke, like my situation) so feel free to contact me, I will catch up with you later. And God bless us