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Hi lib, although I have chatted to you in the groups , and we have a lot in common, I seem to have completely missed your thread.

I have read some if it .. It is a really good thread.

The dream where you could fly ….
I think your subconscious was maybe saying that jus trade a leap of faith .. You can fly ( not literally) !
In your dream I notice u went back for others .. And you taught them to fly. You put yourself at great risk by worrying about others ..
Maybe for now you need to he really selfish and worry about u… Not worry exactly but get to know you as a wonderful individual … Appreciate u , care for u .. Love u!!

You are caring , intelligent and deserve so much.

I hope the debt plan works out Z think I’m going to get one myself when I separate my money from hubby … U could have had our furnaces sorted years ago but wasn’t “allowed” to!!!

Take care and thank u for your much appreciated Los ton my thread ….