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HI Lib, well done for changing counselor. i went to one once, but i found it very draining sorting out the problems she was having with her about role reversal!!

i too had to get rid of my ipad. i wonder do apple have any idea how many more they could sell if they made them safe for gamblers!
my little dog went to doggie heaven two years ago. i still cry about her sometimes and miss her every day,. i did get a new dog…well it was kinda imposed on me..and i also love her.. its like when you get a new baby..your heart seems to get bigger and have more love.

i feel guilty though about gambling during her last years when i should have been spending time with her..especially her last months.. I kept thinking i should be talking to her, playing with her and yet i couldn’t drag myself away from the online casino..

so Lib you could get a new dog…you will be amazed how quickly you love it