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Hi Lily,

I will respond properly when I get a chance, hopefully later today. I couldnt get onto the group last night (thursday is a terrible day for me). I hope it went well 🙂

I spoke to CG last night and told him that I was worried about his gambling. I framed it in a “with what’s happening with the rest of your family, I’m just worried about you”. I offered support and my concerns that he was dealing with too much on his own. I had it all rehearsed in my head and couldnt get the words out. So I couldnt really get across what I wanted to say. Not helped by the fact that he wont even enter into a conversation about it. The response was that he was fine and I needed to stop talking about it.

I feel like I let us both down. I blew my chance.

Interestingly, he left a scrunched up mini statement in my car (after showing it to me) of his account. He said he was “confused” because his wages hadnt gone in, so the balance should either be £1500 or nothing.

This is a lie. Its his wages that he blew half of in one evening. Was I suppose to call him out on it? Was that him asking for help? Should I have done more? He asked me to take his bank card so he didnt do something “dangerous” with it today. Was I supposed to take it off him? or let him offer it up?

These are all rhetorical questions and not really anything you can answer but my mind has been swamped with these thoughts since I didnt manage to get through to him last night.

Logic x