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Hi Lizbeth, grief is different for everyone., but seventeen weeks is a very short time. Life has changed so much for you and you are an inspiration in how you have handled it all. That said I know it must be really difficult and painful at times, and you must be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time you need to grieve. Life is strange. On the one hand we are full of grief for someone. We have lost and on the other we are overwhelmed by the happiness a small child can bring. You are such a perfect seem to know all the fun things to do..movies, pizza etc. my sons gran is a compulsive gambler(. Surprise surprise). There is rarely money to be the gran she wants to be., and her mind is too preoccupied to be able to have fun with him. I know that no one in our lives has the right to abuse us or control us. That said it is often difficult to recognise this in those closest to us. You seem to be handling the relationship with your daughter really well. Parenting is so difficult. Well done on staying gamble free. When I read about your busy life, I really don’t know where you got time to gamble. Keep inspiring us!