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Hi Logic
Try and find something good in each day – maybe you could find peace with a walk in a park or garden. I sat on a bench at the bottom of my garden today and a robin landed beside me, he cocked his head on one side and his wing brushed my leg – it was magical. I went out and bought some maggots for him and when I returned he did too and he enjoyed his meal within an inch of my hand. I forgot the world and lost myself in the beauty of nature.
Maybe you could get a new hobby or have a spa session – anything to brighten your mood and make the stresses go away.
You might not be able to change your job yet and move away but there is no reason to be stuck in the mud.
Certainly if you factor in to your low mood a relationship with an active CG who is in denial then you are not going to get out of the mud – sometimes the only way forward is to pull ourselves up by your bootlaces and change the one person you can change and that is you.
Use your time to look after you, don’t waste 5 weeks with regret – they are a drop in the ocean compared to your life.