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Hi LW., many of us who play online have had that feeling of being cheated out of our winnings. Maybe a bonus you didn’t ask for is added on and you can’t withdraw until you play it 200 times. I think however it is good to remember that those sites were designed to make money for the owners… Not us!! No matter how much we win we will always gamble it again until we come away with nothing. That Is because we are compulsive gamblers. If we withdraw today we will be so tempted to go back and repeat out win. There is no winning for us with gambling. You are far from alone in losing months and months of your salary. What you need to do is let it go, draw a line under it. A compulsive gambler will never win it back!! Start again financially!! You can pay off debts, save and have a better life. Yes it will take time but it can be done!!The money you lost is gone!! Forever!! Let it go!!!