Hi Madge,

Great update, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting such a change in you. Not to bring the past up, but I feel it is worth to make the comparison as you seem much happier of a person now. It is like night to day.

Maybe it is because you have released the idea that you have to make sure your husband gets over his addictions, or that you finally let go of the idea that marriage is forever, getting rid of that enormous pressure and with that realization made, you have let go, letting whatever may happen be.

I believe the road to recovery changes us more than we realize, especially in the beginning. As we travel, we change, and can no longer go back to our old ways, we can’t shake the feelings of warnings, and the hunches we have that are protecting us. During our recovery, we start listening to our rational side, we start seeing how things really are and not how we want them to be.

Life is too short, I am feeling this more and more with each passing day. I believe we feel this way, when we start feeling good about ourselves and start appreciating life.

There will always be hiccups in life, with or without the addiction, children also have a way of pushing our buttons, and we have to stay true to what is good for us.

Thrilled you are doing so well.