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Hi Magnus,

Wlecome to the site. Let me tell you you have found one of the best sites ever to help people stop gambling. The advice on here is great, there is lots of knowledge.

You are still very young, so if you can stop gambling now (and it is not easy) you will save yourself lots of pain later.

Block your computer from online gambling (K9, NetNanny, Gamblock, Betfilter etc)
Self exclude
Don’t hang out with friends who gamble
Stop watching POker on TV and don not read about it
Find other things to do – you will need to fill the void
Look for Gambler’s Anonymous near you

I am in the very early stages of what I hop will be my lifetime recovery. I have not had a bet for 33 days and it has been hell, with my moods shirting every way around.

Keep posting, tell you story, it will help. Be honest with yourself. Can friends/ family help you managing your money? Have you told anyone? Telling someone you want to stop gambling will help, most people will be sympathetic.It is a horrible addiction which will, in time, rob us of everything. Not just money, but self-belief, self-love, self-esteem and will lead nowhere but depression, darkness and down and down the elevator.

Take care and good luck. I hope to see you around.