Hi Mamyth
You are definitely not talking to yourself – you will always be heard.
Anxiety attacks are horrible and I hope you are calmer now.
Knowledge of your husband’s addiction will give you control over it and help you cope. I will try and give you the information that you want.
It would help if you could give a little more information on what led up to your husband’s departure – for instance, had he been gambling more desperately than usual or was he in excessive debt? Does he accept he has a gambling addiction and has he ever sought help for it?
CGs (compulsive gamblers) often disappear so that they can gamble for days on end without interruption or to hide away having lost everything, leaving them with a greater than usual feeling of failure.
Even though he is not responding have you any idea where he is, is he contacting anybody, do you have family to support you?
I am sorry to load you with so many questions especially after you have made such an effort to start your thread – I know the first post is hard.
I will walk with you for as long as you want me to do so – you are not alone and you are understood. I will look for your post tomorrow and hopefully start supporting you as you deserve. I hope you rest tonight because as I think you are aware, all the worrying in the world will not change anything but gaining understanding and caring for youself will make a difference.