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Hi mate thanks for the reply. It sounds we are very similar because you have literally just described my addiction in.A sentence. cannot quit whether I am up or behind that is my problem I could be £400 up and want to reach that £500 mark I don’t know if it is me been money orientated or whether it’s just the addiction wanting more from me? But I do appreciate your comments and I will start to look at it as an allergy, am allergy I have to cut out altogether because it is very harmful a silent killer and I’m determined not to let it get that far, i have had no urge to gamble today and as I said above to another gentleman I am withdrawing all cash and basically abondoning banks in order to beat this! Well done on 12 years that’s a hell of an achievement and I aspire to be were you are now and follow in your footsteps once my debts paid back I will feel a massive weight lifted as this debt is the last thing tying me down to gambling as it’s what got me in this mess. I’ll soldier through it and come out the other side in tact I know I can do it.