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Depression makes you feel hopeless and makes you only concentrate on the negatives, that’s why it’s called a depression.

The only way out of the rut or trough is to do one positive thing and build on it. It could be anything. Getting a date for the GMA residential treatment is a massive positive to work towards, you just need to do at least one positive thing each day leading up to your therapy. Once you have done a few positive things no matter how small, you’ll have a foundation to keep building on. It’s a slow process, but achievable if you make your target each day realistic and attainable and will provide you with a feel good factor.

I’m sounding like a stuck record here, but you can’t run before you can walk. You could focus on something positive that you want to achieve each day when you wake up and spend the day working towards it. You could post what you want to do each day on here in the morning and then post in the evening on how it went. It will give you a welcome distraction at the very least.

Take care,