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So nice to hear from you. thank you for this message. I have not been around for some time, just busy with life and these crazy times. I miss you and your awesome spirits also! In 3 days I will be 6 months gamble free. It’s pretty crazy to see you messaged me here because the reason I came on here actually was last night I had a dream that I gambled. And I lost. I was so disappointed of my relapse and the dream brought me back to a dark time, I felt that feeling of disparity, self hate, embarrassment, and couldn’t believe it.. jeez was I happy to wake up from that nightmare. It has been a long journey but I have no intentions to ever place a bet as long as I’m on this planet. My job is going amazing, I am with a company that I am able to work from home so I really lucked out. I just approved for my condo and I will be moving out June 1. My debt will be paid off by then .. we’ll 90% of it. in just 6 months I completely did a 180. I have been sober as well for over 3 months. Life could not be any better personally, but the irony is how messed up the world actually is right now. How are you ? how is the newborn and the family? I hope you’re on track and staying Strong. all the best meg. Stay safe.