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Hi Meghan I totally agree. We don’t need to be bashed when we are down. I used to receive many posts which I found upsetting after a relapse – I guess people got frustrated with me throwing my life away. The ones which really annoyed me were the unhelpful GA cliches and misquoted and misinterpreted bible “quotes”. Now that I’m in recovery I know the advice that really helped was the advice telling me what actions to take. I have to say since Steev came on here I have turned my life around- he advised actions without the annoying cliches like “ god helps those who help themselves” or “the things we don’t want to hear are the things we need to hear”. ,” we are only as sick as our secrets”. There are many similar quotes and I honestly think they made it more difficult to reach recovery. I agree some of us need to hear the message very directly but please advise actions we can take – we can go to church if we want a sermon!