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Hi Michelle
I don’t hear enablement in what you are doing. Mentioning all the times your CG has let your daughter down would be water off a duck’s back. In my opinion it is much better for him to realise that decent behaviour towards his daughter gets results, gambling doesn’t. If he lets your daughter down again then that is the time to say how much it hurts her – let him feel the difference in atmosphere.
If there is constant tension, constant complaints about his addiction it is much harder for him to see a good future. There is no quick fix Michelle, you are working on the relationship between a CG and his daughter and that is tough. Please don’t think that I am saying you should not get angry because you would have to be a saint not to be so against his addiction. The fact remains that he can do a lot of damage if he doesn’t address his addiction but he is more likely to trust you to support him in changing his life if you are strong and not ‘constantly’ angry.
It is great to hear that you are ‘enjoying’ your family and friends – keep that social life alive, it will shine through you and shows him that you are in control of your life and that you are not going to allow his addiction to bring you down.
Great post – well done