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Hi Micky
Recovery is such a personal journey, it’s almost as if everyone could write a book of their recovery journey and you could guarantee no 2 books would be the same, it’s one of the reasons I avoid books on recovery written by gamblers in recovery
Micky, Charlsters thread has obviously bought up some doubts in CNWL, please don’t start to question the ability of CNWL, be positive about it. Sure there is a huge difference between the workings of CNWL and GMA, but realistically if you came into GMA with anything but a positive attitude the chances are you’d be here for 14 weeks and walk out just as you walked in…. CNWL & GMA both need the participant to be as positive as possible for the programme to work
Getting time off work for 14 weeks can’t be easy, It’s been done though and if you felt after a time with CNWL that residential Rehabilitation suited you more then you could apply and with the help of the referral team look at potential options available, I’m afraid that’s something I have no knowledge of. My time here was 9 years ago when the programme was 9 months long.. but then I was homeless and jobless although even if I’d had a job I might as well not have, every penny would have been gambled
So at the moment July is round the corner and your start at CNWL, you’ve talked about counselling although you used the words ” seen the councillor yesterday for a free consultation”… was that through Gamcare, I only ask as all of Gamcare counselling is free from beginning to end, it’s also with counsellors who work every day with gamblers… Just because it didn’t work once please don’t dismiss it for the future, I’ve had a view that counselling works better after a stint of CBT when the gambling fog has had a chance to be blown from your mind (this is only my opinion) and you may just have not found the right counsellor
I couldn’t see any mention of GA? has this been something you’ve tried in the past?, and obviously you’ve found us; although apart from the forums I’ve not seen you in any groups, do you use them at all