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Hi Micky,

Well done on coming here and being honest.

What can you learn from what happened?

You drank too much and then gambled? A couple of lessons there really. We are all more vulnerable when under the influence so it’s important to plan evenings out. I remember ,when I first stopped, if I was going to the pub I would only carry the money I needed to cover my drinks. It was a simple thing but a good deterrent, if I gambled it would have an immediate consequence and mess my night up, I wouldnt be able to afford my drinks/meal etc. I left my debit cars etc at home, I didn’t carry and “just in case” money, that would ahve allowed me to gamble. If you “drank too much” and still had access to money with which to gamble at that point then you can reduce that access.

Well done on getting in touch wiith the Samaritans, there is a lot of support out there and it’s important to use it.

Keep posting.