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Hi Micky,
I’m sorry – I’m not sure I completely agree with Geordie – looking back my parents weren’t perfect but as an adult I have to decide whether to remember the negative things or how much my parents tried . A close friend of mine has become
Estranged from her son and his family because when she was baby sitting for the thousandth time , she told one of the children off. This woman worked hard all her life , remortgaged her own home to get her children on the property ladder and was generally a good mum. Did she make mistake ? I am sure she did – but her biggest mistake was to raise a self centred idiot!

I can’t give you any advice as to what you should do . I can imagine how painful it must be – I have written recently on my own thread about how our children are so closely link d to our own happiness.
I guess you can just keep praying for a resolution. You weren’t a perfect parent – so that makes you the same as every other parent in the world – I guess you were unlucky if you weren’t around to stop any brain washing !

Keep working at your recovery Micky- life has a way of surprising us when we expect it least – and what better use for your kitty than to save it for the reunion. Think how nice it would be to meet fora meal and say “I’ll get this “!