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Hi Micky , I had written you a really long post and the page refreshed and I lost it. So I will rewrite it into shorter posts!!

Firstly , you are right. There are a lot of sad stories on here. The truth is people find their way to sites like this when they are desperate and low. Read any first post on here and you will read of a person whose life has spiralled out of this site is kinda like a lifeline for people. There are however several people on here who have successfully stopped gambling for years and years. Immediately Charles, Harry, kenL, Bettie and Lizbeth come to mind. I hope next year to add my name to that list! I am into my seventh. Week gamble free and life is quickly returning to normal!! Well better than normal because I really love the fact that I have a little money and the huge worry is gone. It is a little because of Course I have debts . But my child has got a new school bag instead of the very tatty one he returned to school with in September and is just about to start the music lessons he has wanted for a year!! These things make me so happy!! Just little things. But they are things I can now do ! Life does get better quite quickly if we can just learn to live with the finances for a while!!