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Fantastic – I am delighted you have a date. Whatever happens take the opportunity.
I understand your mum wanting to see where you are going and it is good for her that she does so. Please don’t over-concern yourself about the fuss this will cause everybody else – however inconvenient this is what your mum wants more than anything else too.
There is a perfect day to go in and it is the 29th August and the place is yours. This is a terrific opportunity for you. I took my CG to Dudley many years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I believe that what would be good for your mum is to use the forum and group when you start the programme because she won’t know what is happening and will worry.
Leave all thoughts of inconvenience, disappointment and fuss firmly on one side. This is your moment – don’t be afraid to embrace it in its entirety.
One of the reasons that Amy would only speak to you is that this is just for you, it is ‘you’ that matters to GH – I remember feeling on the outside but that is the way it has to be. If your mum will allow I will talk her through when the time comes.
You can and should say what you are thinking on this forum because the anonymity is there to protect you – you can say the things you could never tell anybody else so keep communicating.
I know only too well that CGs are not bad people but sadly their addiction can often lead them to do bad things.
Look after yourself and fill your time with things you enjoy that have nothing to do with gambling before you go to GH.
Keep posting