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Hi Monica , How life can change ! As a mother I know how much pleasure it must give you to help your daughter out . I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your new job- It’s great to get paid for doing something you enjoy and which  motivates you .

Yes we could all be back to square one with one impulsive wrong decision. I have made that decision several times but my barriers have prevented me from gambling . I always wake up next day with a huge sense of relief . For years I always left that one door open , and for years I eventually stepped through it.

Gamstop seems like a great idea but I too have found it difficult to use – it asked for my passport details (a photo of it) which has put me off completely – especially as there have been so many leaks of details in the media in recent years . That’s me finished with Gamstop- it seemed like a good idea but I feel it has been poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented .

What a change it will be for you to have Pete gone- you will have control over everything including the fridge! You can keep all the healthy foods you love in there with no temptation . Perhaps it would an idea to decorate a room in colours you love and have a really special place just for you  – with soft lighting , candles and cushions . It’s making me want my old man to move out ! Lol.

Monica I am so pleased life it going well for you . It really does motivate others when we read the success stories .