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Hi Monica
It was nice talking to you in chat.
I believe I have heard on here that you shouldn’t try to kick more than one addiction at a time , so maybe you should stop beating yourself up about smoking for a little while- it would be one “have to do” off your shoulders . A little relief from one pressure .then perhaps set a date to stop – like when u reach six months gamble free? Of course I am not a smoker so others may disagree with me completely.

Yes we were talking about reinventing ourselves and decided that it is difficult to do without money .
How about today we make an effort to get some stuff on eBay – maybe some old work clothes we will never wear again.
It might make only make us a fiver or tenner , but it will remind us that there are many avenues to make our living and that we are not as trapped a s we think … and a little bit of cash is better than no cash .
Some people though have described becoming addicted to eBay in a similar way as to gambling – always checking for the next bid (win) . I’m not sure therefore if eBay isn’t a sneaky way of keeping the addiction alive .

Monica – did u pay a pension while you worked ? I think there is some new law where you can cash your pension in from age 55, but maybe you are not old enough to do this .
Perhaps you have paid a pension somewhere where you worked over the years and there could be a little in the pot now ? I guess you have done all that stuff like checking the tax man owes you nothing or ppi ?

I am writing a lot of financial stuff but I guess I am aiming it at myself too.
Monica -I am in a similar position with myself with work and bankruptcy.
I opened all the letters and put one from each company in front of me and rang them one by one and set up a repayment plan I could afford with each company – I had tried it before and the man was really rude to me and that put me off for another two years .
I simply said “I am thinking of declaring myself bankrupt , but maybe you could offer me a repayment plan?”
Everyone did – they stopped interest and many of my repayments became Lower than the minimum payments I had been making – it’s taking a long time to pay but soemmcards are completely cleared off and all are coming down. They take your expenditure into account – even things like your pet food and vets bills .
So open letters – if you can’t pay right now they will postpone it . It will be such a relief to stop the Calls and the letters . I haven’t had them for quite a few years .
Hope some of this is helpful Monic a .