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Hi Monica
I am sorry if my previous post came across a little offensive regarding your sister and the crackers – I didn’t mean to imply anything – it was intended more to ask if that was how you felt rather than an assumption on my part .

Anyway it is good to hear from you -it is a difficult situation with your sister. I don’t really have any idea as to how you can handle it except to continue with what you have been doing .

I have a “ poor me “ in my life ( long term work mate ) and it has shocked me recently that once she got a little bit of power how comfortable she was in asserting it even if I got trampled on in the process – (again I’m not comparing to your sister in any way ) – it was another life lesson for me!

It is a huge testament Monica to you as a daughter that your mum chose you to have this discussion with and to trust with such a huge matter. It must have been a very difficult conversation for you. Your mum views you as a very trustworthy person and who knows us better than our mothers? Although to be honest reading about it has made me feel a little sad -death is too final – I sometimes just want to forget it exists .

Your son also respects you highly Monica – he has taken on board your concerns and your advice.
It reminds me that some times we forget how much we actually have got right in our lives – gambling may have created a financial mess for us but you certainly have got the important things right .

Hope you feel a little better