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Hi Monica
Firstly I am appalled at Sainsbury’s staff for treating your mum like that. I think a public letter of complaint is in order !

I too had to queue for Sainsbury’s yesterday and watched a mum struggle with a grown son with obvious special needs and wondered why the staff didn’t act to make things a little easier for her.

I feel the COVID situation is much worse than we are being told. I notice in Ireland the advice is it kills people of all ages.
It does – in the early days a 16 year old girl who lives quite close to me died – it never made the headlines!

I tried it copy you with tour fresh box deliveries but the local companies cannot keep up to the demand and are taking no new orders. So I have little seeds growing (I hope) on my window sill! Hope to have tomatoes and courgettes! Hope !!!!

You are right Monica – living in a tower block right now with small kids or moody teenagers would be the worse. We are lucky to have a garden to sit it. You always find the positives in every situation !

Your cookery sounds great – perhaps you could post some recipes in Charles thread about things to to during lockdown. I will try them out !

I bought a huge can of good quality white paint and of course doubted myself – (I intended doing the whole house white )but hearing about your son’s room I think maybe I will make a start !

Take care Monica and have a lovely Easter xx