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hi, Monicau i really think that finding a way to stop all these letters will significantly improve your mental well being. easier said than done i know but a year ago when i came here, i probably still hadn’t hit rock bottom but i had constant letters, phone calls, emails and knocks at the door, i literally couldnt earn enough to pay for my monthly outgoings so i was constantly boring and gambling inbetween, i would wake up and feel ok for 30 seconds until it all came rushing back and would hate the fact that i was allowed to wake up, i was so stressed and alone. i know and appreciate that stepchange wont work for everyone but that was the place i eventually turned to and they put a stop to all the letters and phonecalls etc, only then could i start to function as a normal human being again. my point being (not particularly going to stepchange )is to try and deal with all this debt as it wont go away and it will just carry on weighing you down. have you tried citizen advice bureau? you are allowed a basic amount to live on off your own money (which is usually a fair amount) and after that the creditors will be offered a token gesture, i was like you about not wanting to go down the bankruptcy route or even IVA i think my debt had escalated to around £20000 which isnt a lot compared to others but it was a huge amount for me. the most important thing is to get some help to intervene with these companies that are contacting you. off to work again but i will check in later this afternoon. take care