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Hi Monique
Yes I understand what you mean. I have spoken to friends I haven’t seen for while and arranged to meet up. I have spent time with my daughter, made time to go to church and have few shopping trips planned. I feel calmer after talking to Harry and some people on the community group. They all said similar to you to focus on me and also that the way he’s reacted is common in CG s who go into gh . Harry suggested I speak to his support worker and I’m going to. I wasn’t going to ring or contact them in any way as he was angry when I rang to enquire how he was, even though I only rang once. But I think I need to tell them about the letter and how I feel. I also want my CG to know I now realise and understand his need to do this alone and I understand I need to do this alone too. Thanks for all your support so far Monique I cannot believe the support on here I only wish I had this months ago.
Best wishes