Hi Neecy
I’m sorry you didn’t make the group but I know it is a busy time.
I was really proud of you when I read you no longer looked like the Wreck of Hesperus – it isn’t the best look is it – wet and broken with barnacles on your bottom!!
I was wondering if the stuff your daughter told your dad was connected to your CG – I do know that different members of the family do see things from different angles and feel pain in different ways. If it was connected to your CG then your father and daughter are victims of the addiction too. Your father does not appear to have handled the situation, with you, in the best way but the addiction to gamble is divisive in families and he should maybe be forgiven for trying to sort out a situation he couldn’t understand that was hurting his daughter.
Fathers want to protect and when the addiction is in a home and hurting the child, many fathers make the wrong decision for the right reason. I am glad that he has made contact with you – you do need support. If I am thinking the right way then your father was rejecting your CG’s addiction, not you.
I am glad to read what you say about self-respect. Most of us lose our self-respect over time when the addiction envelops us so hang on to that which you have and build on it. You are right, you won’t die without him but with an active addiction you can certainly feel you have died a thousand of deaths.
I can hear a wonderful woman and I am proud to have met her. You have had far more than your fair share of problems. You will have ups and downs but the downs do decrease as the ups increase. You have created quite a strong journal now for you to turn to when you are feeling less positive – remember that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.
I hope that your Christmas Day is peaceful and I hope that at 10am you will join me in cyber space to say the Serenity Prayer. I will be back on Boxing Day and maybe we can ‘meet’ up then. I want to hear about things that you have been doing for yourself.
Get that make up on tomorrow and look amazing. Well done.