Hi Neecy
I am not sure how you are hearing stuff from your CG online but if it was me I would stay away from it. Unasked for, unconstructive criticism tells us a great deal more about the person doing the criticising and the opinions of this man are not worth getting upset over.
This is one of the places in your life where I hope you will feel you don’t have to justify ‘your’ actions.
I understand you saying that you hope he now reads what you have written because he has hurt you with his words but I think it is very important Neecy not to join in such a game – keeping your head held high and not wasting any more of your energy on his addiction is a far healthier option.
The greatest revenge on his addiction is for you to be happy – all ‘your’ recovery comes down to ‘you’ in the end. Whether he wastes the golden opportunity he has now, or not, is down to him.
I am sorry you are hearing the garbage he is spouting but I will be sorrier still if you allow his addiction to hurt your recovery.
I don’t have a group on Tuesday but I will be here on Wednesday morning at 11.00. I hope to speak to you then.