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Hi Neecy
Friends judge because they don’t understand but they are invaluable for support and they mean well for you.
I really hope you make it into the group tomorrow evening (Thursday), it is so good to talk in real time. If you have connection issues keep trying – I can see you popping in and out and it is frustrating.
Never feel terrible or apologise for anything you say in the group or on the forum. We are all here for the same reason and it is understood that we all care for one another and mean well so no offence should ever be taken.
What happened last Christmas or last week is in the past – today is all that matters on this forum. Today I want you to do something for yourself and then pop into the group and tell me what you have done. In cyber space we can have a glass of cyber wine or a cup of cyber tea while we share our thoughts in real time – I look forward to ‘seeing’ you.