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Perhaps the next time you are consider gambling you should look at some of the other options you have to fill your time. You want support? Great, I look forward to seeing you in the groups more often. Alternatively you could connect to the Helpline. Which of the tools on the App are you using? You had counselling I seem to remember – what did you learn there that you are choosing to do or nor to do? Read back on your own thread – what advice have you been previously given that you are choosing not to do? What barriers have you chosen not to put in place yet? Are you doing so now? You expressed feelings of neglect previously – go and read what I wrote then, are you using any of the support I suggested? Do any of the things? Did you think the support at GT is crap, I had better go to GA instead? Contact Gamcare? Ask your Dr to refer you to more counselling? Residential support? Or did you choose to disappear and not use support for 10 months? There are a lot of options out there, you can either choose to use them, or choose not to. I once told you the risk of having a pot of coins – you didn’t like that advice either. Now I understand that you are hurting, we all did when we lost our money. The thing is though you can either choose to attack things here, blame others for your problems, or you can choose to address your own actions. We are all responsible for our own actions. We were responsible for them when we were gambling and we are responsible for them in recovery. So what are you going to do? I