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Hi Nick, sorry to hear of your gamble and sorry to hear that you feel neglected.

This is a user lead forum, Gambling Therapy is a charity and sadly funding means that no one is allocated to post on threads, other than the usual welcome message.

Myself I work here two evenings a week facilitating the groups. If groups are quiet then I try to use the time posting here. I try and post on new members threads, as I did on yours, I posted again, though I’m not sure it was appreciated and I see my colleague Velvet has also made several posts. On reflection I would say that there has been more staff input on your thread than on most, as I said it is a user lead forum. Posting on others threads is probably the best way to encourage them to post on your own.

Personally I also tend to focus on threads made by regular group attendees – to give me a heads up on on things to discuss in those groups.

Posts I make outside of my group times are made in my own time on a voluntary basis. As is monitoring threads for abuse/trolls etc

There are things you can do though. if you want me to congratulate you on your gamble free time every week then I can – just come to one of the groups I facilitate on a Monday and Thurday evening (UK time and I will do so. I look forward to seeing you.

If you want other compulsive gamblers to congratulate you then get yourself to a GA meeting, you will get a well done every week, as well of course as having the extra tools to work on recovery.

You stopped gambling and you can stop again. If you feel the support you have been getting isn’t sufficient then you can change that by using the extra support that you have avaialble. As well as the groups we do of course also have the one to one helpline.

Last but by no means least I have to say that I am not “cured.” I am a Compulsive gambler and always will be. getting to a GA meeting each week is what helps me not place my next bet.

Stay strong and keep posting.