Sending you a cyber (((HUG))). I really hope your doctor will give you a referral so you can find the answers you desperately seek.
Maybe there will be a medical answer to how you feel, if so I hope they find it and offer you some relief/treatement.

The path I took when dealing with my own sham of a 25 year marriage eventually took me to another aspect of life I was not even aware of. I was full of ‘feelings’ that had been opressed and hidden first from my father and then from my ex husband. So at 45 years of age I was deprived of any feeling, numb, dead inside. I was eventually diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have not looked back since. I don’t believe people are born without feelings, something happens in life for you to bury them and then it can feel like we don’t have any. You may have to go back a very long way, for me it was when I was 9 month’s old that shaped me and the life I’ve had! I hope you find your release soon and can start to enjoy life again. The other side is a wonderful place 🙂
Good Luck Nomore and happy valentine’s day. Best wishes San x