Hi Nomore
I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and you will be the only person I will say that to because I don’t (and never have) subscribed to the occasion. I don’t understand sending Valentines or receiving them, nor do I understand the sentiment behind the day. I am not comparing my feelings about Valentine’s Day to your marriage but what I hope to convey is that we are all unique and it is your uniqueness that makes you who you are and determines where you go from here. I have welcomed your practical approach to others on the site which comes from your uniqueness.
I know you have had dreadful things happen in your life but I believe, like San, that we are not born to be full of woe. I hope the doctor helps you find your release so that the rest of your life can be more fulfilling.
We are all made up of different highs and lows, successes and failures – how we deal with them depends on all that went before in our unique lives as well as our unique biological make-up. Every one of us is a work in progress but sometimes that progress stalls or is stalled by external events. Kick-starting the next phase is often difficult and again we deal with it uniquely and many of us need a leg-up to get going again.
I am glad you have not given up on ‘you’. What I hope most for you is that you get to know and love the person you are looking for because she deserves to be loved. Maybe love is a concept you find difficult and yet you show love when you help others and I know you love your daughter and your dogs.
I am pleased you knew where to vent