Hi Nychantal, keep using support for you.

He knows where the support is, now it has to be up to him to choose whether to use it.

If he doesn’t then you might have to make your own tough choices, using support here and elsewhere will help you be in a better position to do that.

Whether or not he ever decides to go to GA you would be welcome at a Gam Anon meeting where you can get support for yourself.

I am a compulsive gambler, I haven’t had a bet for a while now. I couldn’t do it on my own though. One thing I got good at when I was in action was manipulation and control. From what you have said he it sounds like he is only agreeing to the minimum and then exerting control by threatening to not even do that. I’m a little concerned by “……after he saw a text from my mom …….” does he check your texts?

You can get stronger by using support, protect yourself financially and set boundaries, maybe the privacy of your own phone and conversations with your mum and other people who can support you need to be one of those boundaries.

Keep posting and you can gain the strength to do what’s right for YOU.